Retry Or Not

How to dynamically determine if a Cypress test should be retried or not based on the error.

Repeating Tests

How to run the same test or spec files again and again by launching it from GitHub Actions page.

Scrape Slides

How I scraped Reveal.js presentations using and sent the results to Algolia search index.

Cypress Talks

Collection of my talks about from recent conferences with videos and direct links to slides.

Trying GitHub Actions

Run Prettier inside a GitHub Action to fix code formatting, quick NPM install with caching inside actions, running end-to-end Cypress tests using custom action.

Parallel or not

This blog post shows how to configure CircleCI to run Cypress in parallel mode for internal branches, while only use a single machine to run Cypress tests for external pull requests.

Cypress is just ...

Cypress allows any developer to fundamentally change how it looks and works, because it is just JavaScript code running inside a browser backed by a Node app.

Cypress jump

Create a React component using JSX and inject it into live application from a Cypress test.


Array, Promise and Maybe monads. Plus Docker is a functor.

How to crash

How to make sure your Express or Koa server correctly sends crashes to exception monitoring service.


Comparing 3rd party assertion libraries expect.js, should.js, etc.