How To Learn Test Runner In 2024

I advise quickly learning web end-to-end and component testing using test runner.

If your 2024 resolution is to acquire web automation testing skills, then learning how to write tests is the way to go. Here is my advice on how to learn it much faster and make the knowledge stick:

  • When stuck quickly consult the official documentation at Do not "invent" your own way of coding things, and do not "fight" the Cypress approach: the Cypress docs are extensive and comprehensive. They probably show a good solution to the problem you are hitting.
  • Start learning by taking a course. Yes, I know, it is a time investment. But a few weeks of studying on your own can save you months and months of frustration down the line. There are Cypress courses available at LinkedIn and AutomationU, but if you want a practical, complete, and hands-on course, consider one of my Cypress courses.
  • During day-to-day test writing, find lots of tested Cypress examples and recipes showing how to use every cy command on my site. Tip: use the built-in search widget to quickly find the answers.
  • Use my Cypress Tips search page. I have scraped my Cypress examples, my blog posts, video descriptions, and courses to put all these search results on a single page.
  • Subscribe to my testing blog and my YouTube channel I write and record new Cypress content regularly. The short videos help me show Cypress in action.
  • Ask me any Cypress questions in my Discord channel or in Filip Hric's Discord. I promise to answer it. Of course, my answer could be just a link to a blog post, a video, or one of my course lessons 😉
  • You should skim but don't spend much time on it. The advice is generic and the code examples are pretty obsolete and not maintained.
  • Browse through my Cypress-themed presentations at Many slide decks include links to the presentation recording, if available.
  • If you are working in an organization interested in hands-on Cypress and Playwright training, consider ordering an online or in-person testing workshop. I have several workshops that I taught multiple times, see them at Each workshop can be adapted to your organization's needs, and I guarantee that everyone studying with me will learn something new no matter how little or how much you already know.

Learn Cypress in 2024

Bonus: Learn Cypress And Playwright

Why learn just one web testing tool if you could learn both to double your chances of finding a better job? I have created Cypress Vs Playwright online course that trains you to solve practical testing problems using hands-on coding lessons. Each lesson poses a problem and gives you the starting code. You must solve the assignment using each test runner to appreciate the difference in syntax and capabilities between Cypress and Playwright.