Links to additional information included in my OSCON 2016 presentation.

The slides for "From procedural to reactive JavaScript with stops" presented at O'Reilly OSCON are at https://slides.com/bahmutov/oscon/. I have embedded the slides and video below for convenience.

Additional information for further learning

Here are the links to additional resources mentioned in the slides.

My personal links

JavaScript shortcomings

JavaScript robot projects

Language penetration


FP in JS

JavaScript journey

Refactoring the code example

Partial applications

OO JavaScript


Immutable data


Reactive libraries

Pure functional reactive programming

Interesting things I saw at OSCON

It was a very large event: 2 days, 10 parallel tracks, plus an expo with every major and minor software company present. Most of the companies you know were there (from MS, Dell, HP, to GitHub, GitLab and Sentry).

Aside from this, the lessons observes: