Gatsby Netlify Circle and Cypress

How to test Gatsby static blog locally, on Netlify before deploying, and after deployment using Circle.

Static site generator Gatsby is all the rage these days. It pairs nicely with quick deploys using Netlify. In this blog post I will show how to test your site using in several situations.

  1. when running Gatsby locally during development
  2. on Netlify before deploying
  3. on CircleCI after deploying against the newly deployed URL

You can find the source at bahmutov/gatsby-starter-blog - it is a fork of the Gatsby's own example. I have the deployed blog running at

Cypress test against the blog post (running locally)

The deployed sites itself has the 3 mini blog posts that describe the local setup, the Netlify command and how Netlify triggers CircleCI build using a webhook after each deploy.

So read the blog posts, explore the source, and ping me with any questions.

PS: the immutable deploys and testing go hand in hand. See how to perform them from CI using Zeit Now in the blog post Immutable deploys and Cypress