Focus on specific Jasmine suite in Karma

iit, xit, ddescribe, xdescribe

When using Jasmine through Karma, there are several letters that help a lot

  • Add x in front of describe or it to skip the suite or test
  • Add d in front of describe to only run this particular suite
  • Add i in front of it to only run this particular unit test

d and i are additions by the Karma dev team. They have a pending pull request, but Jasmine team has not merged it yet.

There is also helpDescribe that I wrote that helps with info messages if you use lazy-assertions

If you use Mocha testing framework, you can use built-in describe.only, it.only and their opposites describe.skip, it.skip.

Update 1

Jasmine 2.x added fdescribe and fit to focus on a single suite or spec, replacing ddescribe and iit.