Project status badges

Add build status, version and dependency badges to your

Status badges

After working on front end components for a year, I found myself with multiple repositories, npm packages and bower components. About half of my projects have continuous builds on public servers: which works very well with the, which works well with everyone, and even

Continuous build badges

Every continuous build server has a badge feature: a project has stable url returning a status image. If the latest build is failing, the badge has the error state, otherwise it is green.

Build status

Dependency badges

I also try to keep my modules up to date using next-update. I monitor when I need to actually upgrade the dependencies using david dependency checker. David gives a badge, which turns from green (all dependencies are up to date) to yellow (minor version is out of date) to red (major version number is behind). Here is an example project

NPM badges

For modules registered on the Node Package Manager registry, I use the nice informative badges provided by the Here is an example showing number of downloads, last update, version and even the install command:


Badges inside

Github and Nodejs play really nicely with Markdown. Github repository renders the .md files on the fly, they even have their own extensions, for example adding syntax-highlighting for the code blocks. Similarly, nodejs warns the user that the package does not include top level file.

It is easy to add the badges to the top of the file, making it super simple to communicate the vital stats about the project with the outside world. Here is the same project with the same Markdown file rendered by npm and github. Here is the markdown inside the

[![NPM info](](

[![Drone build status](](
[![Travis build status](](

This generates the following images:

NPM info

Drone build status Travis build status dependencies

You can clean up the long lines with images by moving actual urls to the end of the file. For example to show build status badge:

# My project

[![Build status][ci-image]][ci-url]


The urls go the markdown file's bottom, making the document look much nicer.

Badges I wish existed

I wish there were services that would give me these badges:

  • bower component information, similar to
  • github activity: number of open issues, pull requests, last commit

Update 1 - code coverage badge

You can send code coverage info to and get your badge. Read GT and Coveralls on how to set it up.

Coverage Status

Update 2 - static code analysis badge

You can automatically analyze JavaScript, PHP and code in a few other languages using They even give you a badge! See example project check-more-types and how codacy sees it.

Codacy Badge

Update 3 - showing direction

Unfortunately, all badges I see give just a grade / letter / percent / number. I wish that in addition to the grade, the badges showed change from previous value. For example small green error showing that the current number is an improvement, small red error showing the current number is worse than previous one.

NPM registry shows number of downloads per project and includes trending arrow.

npm trending

Update 4 - github stats

A new website provides github issue and pull request stats badges. The website provides two types of badges: how long on average it takes to close an issue and how long it takes to merge a pull request. For example, the issue badge has form

And looks like this issue