The Test Automation Experience Interview

The Ultimate Guide to Automated QA Job Interviews recordings.

Recently I was a guest of The Test Automation Experience and with my coworker Joshua Helguero we talked about web automation skills that will get you hired in today's job market. The conversation was based on my blog post How I Hire and can be watched in two parts below:

  • Intro
  • Environmental Efforts PSA
  • How to find an automated QA job
  • Josh Helguero’s hiring process
  • Automated QA job hiring process and recruiting tips
  • Automated qa job interview questions and responses
  • Evaluation process for automated QA candidates

The second part

  • Secrets to landing an automated qa job
  • Red flags found in candidates
  • Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT’s role in hiring
  • Best tip for applying to an automated QA position
  • Achievements and experiences candidates can obtain
  • Best tip for interviewing for an automated QA position
  • Resources and tips
  • Cypress courses and Cypress Insights
  • Tips create world-class testing
  • What makes an outstanding engineer?

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