10 Years Of Blogging

Reflecting on the first ten years of blogging about software development.

I published my first post on my personal blog 10 (TEN!) years ago. Wow. It seems only yesterday I wrote a reflection post 1 year of blogging, and yet, now it is 2023 and I have written almost 800 blog posts

$ ls -la source/_posts/*.md | wc -l

Instead of the testing pyramid, the posts form a category pyramid with a very wide base.

It easy to write about tools and libraries. It is harder to write about people

Here are a examples from each category:

The very first post

The very first blog post was about JSHint. Here it is

The 2013 blog posts and the very first published blog post

Looking back those 2013 posts were about testing, quality, updating dependencies - things I still care and learn about today. I still write mostly for myself, because I forget how to do things otherwise. I am glad people find the blog useful and visit it more than a million times a month.

My favorite posts

Here are the posts I myself consult a lot, either directly or via site: glebbahmutov.com/blog search.

Tip: for anything I wrote or recorded regarding Cypress, I recommend searching via https://cypress.tips/search page. I scrape the content myself, so it finds pretty good results.

I found the following trick to make my posts really useful even after many years have passed. I keep updating them. You can see "Update 1: ...", "Update 2: ...", etc in some blog posts, like Picking JavaScript testing framework. Sometimes I use headings "Bonus 1: ...", "Bonus 2: ...", like in Trying Lighthouse post.

My second trick is to always link the source repo to the blog post. And of course, I automate dependency updates, so that the repo still works hopefully.

Always make the link to the code easy to find

The future

Well, I can't stop now, can I? I will keep writing on topics related mostly to software quality. And sometimes I will write about climate. Ohhh, and I got to add a dark color theme to this site, it is pretty hard to read at night.