JavaScript and AngularJs learning resources

Books, emails, websites for learning JavaScript, AngularJs and HTML5

JS and ng learning

There is a constant stream of JavaScript front end (and back end now!) news, libraries, tools and other resources. Here are a couple that allow me to stay up to date:


Everyone should read these JS books first.

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A curated list of newsletters on different development topics.


  • echojs is excellent, always the latest and greatest.
  • dailyjs adds a review of several libraries almost every day.
  • is geared towards front end libraries: HTML5, JS, CSS


I get most of the news from twitter. Just follow a couple of main people and tags and then add suggested people to follow. Start with following me @bahmutov and then go from there.


Podcasts a great for listening to the very latest developments and usually have great people. My favorites are:

Online resources


You can practice JavaScript while playing online games


List for new developers joining Kensho team Getting up to JavaScript speed