Cypress London August 2023 Workshop

I will teach an in-person Cypress workshop is coming to London UK.

I will be in London, UK and will teach an in-person "Cypress Testing Workshop" full-day workshop on Friday August 25th. Reserve your place in the workshop now.

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The list of topics is standard, but of course during the training I adjust the exercises based on the students' questions.

Part 1: The Basics

  • How to install and run Cypress
  • How Cypress scaffolds files
  • Writing and running a basic end-to-end test
  • Setting up video recording and screenshots on failure
  • Selector Playground and Cypress Studio
  • Testing network requests
  • Using data fixtures in your tests

Part 2: Core Concepts

  • Configuring Cypress via CLI, env, config files
  • Retry-ability and custom assertions
  • Writing custom commands
  • Page Objects vs App Actions
  • Testing individual Vue / React / X components
  • Accessing OS via cy.task
  • When not to use Cypress

Part 3: Testing Strategy

  • Running Cypress tests on CI using GitHub Actions
  • Recording Cypress tests on the dashboard
  • Testing in parallel
  • Setting up data before the test
  • Unit tests vs component vs E2E tests
  • Functional + Visual testing

Interested in buying several seats? Please contact me via gleb.bahmutov at to discuss possible bulk discounts.

Workshop feedback

I have taught this workshop at several conference events. Here is a typical rating and feedback collected from the students afterwards:

This workshop was an amazing hands-on expert’s view of working with Cypress that covered the basics through advanced topics.

This workshop will give you all the tools and resources you need to start your Cypress automation journey.

hands-on, good examples, good documentation

Here is the rating the last 10 people gave to the workshop from 1 (absolutely awful) to 10 (perfect workshop).

Cypress workshop rated by students

See in London 🇬🇧!

About the instructor

Dr Gleb Bahmutov has worked at from the early days as VP of Engineering. Gleb is the author of many Cypress features, including Windows support, integration with CI providers, Component Testing, API testing, etc. He has spoken about Cypress at multiple conferences, taught Cypress workshops, created multiple Cypress online courses, wrote countless Cypress plugins and blog posts, and recorded 500+ Cypress videos. He even coined the very controversial term App Actions that is causing so much anger and confusion. After being a part of the core Cypress team for four years, Gleb has left the company and will give his honest opinion on the state of the browser testing. You cannot ask for a better instructor! London UK workshop