Which JavaScript framework should I use next?

Links to projects mentioned during BuzzJS presentation.

The slides for "Which JavaScript framework should I use next?" presented at BuzzJS NYC are at https://slides.com/bahmutov/buzzjs/. I have embedded them below for convenience.

The full video from the presentation

My conclusion: look for the following features in the web framework of the future

  • DOM abstractions (virtual dom inside a separate web worker)
  • Modular design for smaller size (ES6 modules for tree shaking)
  • Hydration for quick start ups (via ServiceWorker)
  • Offline support (via DB synch or via offline-supporting API)
  • Reactive streams to handle multiple async events
  • Functional purity (pays off in testability and reuse)
  • Real time support (to be compatible with real time backends and Internet of Things devices)
  • Simple to try (a framework should be simple to host inside another framework)

Finally, you should pick the framework that makes your entire team productive and happy.

Below are links to the additional information mentioned in the slides.

Comparing web frameworks

Comparing X vs Y performance

Comparing performance to native DOM and vanilla JS

Framework user interface speed (Web Workers)




Functional reactive programming


Real time

  • Chess image
  • Data flow inside simple Cycle.js counter draw-cycle
  • Real time backends
    • Feathers is a minimalist real-time framework for tomorrow's apps.
    • Horizon - the realtime JavaScript backend.

Simple to try