A plea for climate in year 2020

An email I have sent to my friends at the end of 2019.

This is an email I have sent to my friends at the end of December 2019.

Hello friends,

Season greetings from Irina, Sky and me, we wish you all the best in 2020! As a new year resolution, we would like to ask everyone to take a moment to think about the climate crisis unfolding around us. If you follow the news, you can see something else going very bad: Australia is on fire, Amazon is burning due to greed, and many places in the world are experiencing water shortages - all are the effects of the warming Earth due to fossil emissions. Many scientists are trying to bring attention to the effects of global climate change in our near future. We are especially worried about Sky and the dead planet he might have to live on as an adult. To learn more about the problem, take a look at https://www.ipcc.ch/ and popular summaries in articles like https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/oct/08/global-warming-must-not-exceed-15c-warns-landmark-un-report and https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/aug/06/domino-effect-of-climate-events-could-push-earth-into-a-hothouse-state and https://interactive.carbonbrief.org/impacts-climate-change-one-point-five-degrees-two-degrees/ Unfortunately, the governments around the world are not acting with the urgency this crisis requires. It is up to us to save our home for ourselves and our children.

We are asking you to make a plan in 2020 to attend at least 1 meeting of each volunteer organization below. These are people like you and me trying to avert this catastrophe. You can find a local chapter pretty much everywhere across the USA.

These are the ones we attend regularly:

Thank you in advance .-- Gleb, Irina and Sky