Paint roof white

I have painted the roof of my house white to keep cool in the summer

My house is tall and narrow and lacks an attic. In the summer the bedroom gets pretty hot - because the black rubber coating of the flat roof got really really hot. I could not touch it on a sunny day without burning myself. So I have painted it white using Henry Acrylic Enviro-White Extreme Elastomeric Roof Coating.

The completed roof

I have used less than 5 gallons of paint, and have covered the roof with three coatings. The paint is extremely thick, almost like liquid rubber, yet it rolls easily using a regular roller. It is elastomeric - meaning it stretches without cracking as it heats.

Henry paint

The difference was immense. On a hot day as I left a small unpainted patch, which I could not touch with my hand, the rest of the roof was absolutely cool to the touch - warm, but fine. We will see next summer how the hot days feel.

PS: I have heard the argument that black roofs soak the sun in the winter better. I don't put much stock into that argument - the house should be well isolated, and I am suffering from the heat a lot more than from cold temperatures.

PSS: I wish I could make a roof garden, but my roof is too small and hard to access, so I picked the white paint instead.


I have removed the roof A/C units and replaced them with heat pumps.