My testimony in support of Building Justice with Jobs Act

My testimony in support of retrofitting the existing buildings with all electric infrastructure instead of fossil fuels.

Last week as part of Mass Power Forward Lobby day I and other volunteers have met with our State Representative Marjorie Decker and State Senator Pat Jehlen. I have asked them to co-sponsor the bill SD.2102/HD.3338 "Building Justice with Jobs Act". You can see why I support this bill from its summary here.

Here is my testimony:

Thank you for meeting with us. The climate crisis is the biggest emergency we are facing and will profoundly affect our lives and lives of our children. Please stand strong and make sure the Governor Baker signs the NextGen Climate Roadmap S9 bill without watering it down. This bill is not a "pie in the sky", but a bare minimum, a start. We have to move much faster to avert a catastrophe.

Which is why I am asking you to support and co-sponsor the SD.2102/HD.3338 "Building Justice with Jobs Act".

Greenhouse limits per sector is an important part of NextGen climate bill, and SD.2102/HD.3338 "Building Justice with Jobs Act" is a practical mechanism to address the emissions from the housing sector.

We have to think what to do with all our houses that already use oil and gas for heating and how to switch them off the fossil fuels. We need a mechanism to make sure all residents can afford to upgrade to electric power, because it is in everyone's interest to stop burning fossil fuels. That bill builds upon the MassSave program and will retrofit 1 million homes in Massachusetts within the next 10 years, driving the housing-related emissions 50% by 2030, and then drive them to 0 by 2040, all while creating good jobs for our residents.

Please consider co-sponsoring it. Thank you.