Own text

How do we confirm the button's own text without including the text from any child elements?

<button id="save">
  Save item
  <span class="status">Done!</span>

Using have.text or include.text assertions makes us dependent on the children elements and the whitespace characters.

  .should('include.text', 'Save item')
  .and('have.text', '\n  Save item\n  Done!\n')
  .should('equal', '\n  Save item\n  Done!\n')

Using DOM element's innerText property is slightly more convenient, as it strips the whitespace around each text node.

cy.get('button#save').should(($el) => {
  expect($el[0].innerText, 'innerText').to.equal(
    'Save item Done!',

Tip: look at the DOM element's childNodes property.

cy.get('button#save').should(($el) => {
  const ownText = Cypress._.filter($el[0].childNodes, {
    nodeType: Node.TEXT_NODE,
    .map((el) => el.textContent.trim())
    .join(' ')
  expect(ownText, 'own text').to.equal('Save item')

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