# Requested resource not found

Sometimes you use cy.request (opens new window) to get a resource that might not exist. The server returns 404 and the command fails. In this recipe, I show how to deal with this error by abstracting it away in an utility function. You can read this recipe or watch the video "Return Cypress Chain (opens new window)".

First, let's look at an incorrect solution.

The above function getTodo schedules the cy.request command to run by adding it to the Cypress command queue. The getTodo also returns a string right away - probably not something you expect. Instead you want to return the Cypress command to let you attach more commands and assertions.

The above approach is slightly better. Now let's add handling of 404 response.

// ✅ Good utility function
// that handles 404 responses and yields the object
function getTodo(id) {
  const serverUrl = 'https://jsonplaceholder.cypress.io'
  return cy
      url: `${serverUrl}/todos/${id}`,
      failOnStatusCode: false,
    .then((response) => {
      if (response.status === 404) {
        return 'Todo not found'
      return response.body
  .should('deep.include', {
    // we know only some properties from the object
    id: 1,
    userId: 1,
  // continue working with the yielded Todo object
  .should('be.a', 'string')
// asking for resource that does not exist
getTodo('does-not-exist').should('equal', 'Todo not found')

# Bonus: compare two responses

Let's get two Todo items and check their responses to confirm they are the same. You can nest cy.then callbacks to get both objects before comparing them.

getTodo(20).then((first) => {
  getTodo(10 + 10).then((second) => {
    expect(first, 'todos are equal').to.deep.equal(second)

We can also save the first response under an alias and use function () {...} callback to be able to access the first response using this.<alias>:

  .then(function () {
    // by using "function () {...}" callback
    // we get access to the test context object via "this"
    // that's where every alias created using cy.as command
    // is available as a property
    getTodo(10 + 10).should('deep.equal', this.first)