Confirm attribute

Let's say we want to confirm an element's attribute, like its id. We can do this in a variety of ways.

Single element

We can use cy.invokeopen in new window to execute the jQuery attr method on the parent element.

<div id="code-snippet">The code example</div>
cy.contains('The code example')
  .invoke('attr', 'id')
  .should('equal', 'code-snippet')

// tip: there is a built-in Chai-Jquery assertion
// to confirm an attribute exists and optionally its value
cy.contains('The code example')
  // the "have.attr" assertion yields the value
  .should('have.attr', 'id')
  .should('equal', 'code-snippet')

// tip 2: you can use the "have.attr" form with expected value
cy.contains('The code example').should(

The "have.attr" assertion yields the value of the attribute, which makes it convenient when checking a value you know only partially. For example, if the element is an image, and the URL changes, you can confirm the a part of it.

For example, we do not know the exact value of the "integrity" attribute of the included jQuery library, but we know it should start with "sha256" string.

  .should('have.attr', 'integrity')
  // now we are checking the value "sha256-u7e5..."
  .should('match', /^sha256-/)

Multiple elements

Confirm the title attributes from multiple elements by extracting them into an array.

<ul id="attributes">
  <li title="first">First</li>
  <li title="second">Second</li>
  <li title="third">Third</li>
const titles = []
  .should('have.length', 3)
  .each((li$) => {
    const title = li$.attr('title')
  .then(() => {
    // work with filled titles list
    // like save into a file or confirm the values
    expect(titles).to.deep.equal(['first', 'second', 'third'])

Confirm sum of attributes

Imagine that each element in the list has its price stored as a data attribute, and there is a total element with their sum, also stored as a data attribute. Can we extract the attributes, convert them to numbers, and confirm the total is correct?

<ol id="prices" data-total="220">
  <li data-price="99">Oranges $0.99</li>
  <li data-price="101">Mango $1.01</li>
  <li data-price="20">Potatoes $0.20</li>
let sum = 0
  .should('have.length', 3)
  .each(($el) => {
    sum += Number($el.attr('data-price'))
  .invoke('attr', 'data-total')
  .then((total) => {
    // by now, the sum should have been computed
    expect(total, 'total').to.equal(sum)

Watch the video Confirm Total Sum Using Data Attributes And Automatic Waitingopen in new window.

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