Table update

Imagine a table with rows, and each row has a button to fetch some data. How do we assert the data has finished fetching? The cell does change its text contents when the update is finished, but we want to retryopen in new window without hitting the dreaded "the element has detached from DOM" error, thus we need to express the query as a single command ...

<table id="example-table">
    <tr id="a1">
      <td>First row</td>
      <td class="status">Pending.</td>
        <button>Load row</button>
    <tr id="b1">
      <td>Second row</td>
      <td class="status">Pending..</td>
        <button>Load row</button>
    <tr id="c1">
      <td>Third row</td>
      <td class="status">Pending...</td>
        <button id="load-row-c1">Load row</button>
    .addEventListener('click', () => {
      setTimeout(() => {
        const table = document.querySelector(
        table.innerHTML = table.innerHTML.replace(
      }, 1500)
// first, find the row of interest
// and save its ID in a local variable
let rowId
cy.contains('tr', 'Third row')
  .should('have.attr', 'id')
  .then((id) => (rowId = id))
  .then(() => {
    // click the button in the row we want
    const rowSelector = `tr#${rowId}`
    cy.get(rowSelector).contains('Load row').click()

    // notice the click replaces the entire table DOM structure
    // thus we want to write the entire query as a single command
    // to be retried at once: find a row with cell
    // with specific class with text "Loaded"
    cy.contains(`table ${rowSelector} td.status`, 'Loaded')
      // and now we can "move" up the tree to the parent row
      // and confirm other values ...
      .contains('td', 'Third row')