Remove numbers

Imagine we have a list of strings, but there are extra characters that we want to remove from each string. We can iterate over the list and call String.prototype.replace and use a regular expression. The iteration and invocation in this solution is done using the cy.mapInvoke query command from the cypress-mapopen in new window plugin.

📺 You can watch this recipe explained in Remove Numbers From Stringsopen in new window.

<ul id="fruit">
  <li>Apples 2</li>
  <li>Grapes 10</li>
  <li>Kiwi 8</li>

After removing all digits, we can trim the whitespace and confirm the expected array of strings.

cy.get('#fruit li')
  //, cy.mapInvoke come from the cypress-map plugin
  .mapInvoke('replace', /\d/g, '')
  .should('deep.equal', ['Apples', 'Grapes', 'Kiwi'])

You can use other regular expressions to remove characters. For example, we can avoid invoking the trim method and instead replace digits and white space characters in a single Regex.

cy.get('#fruit li')
  .mapInvoke('replace', /[\d\s]/g, '')
  .should('deep.equal', ['Apples', 'Grapes', 'Kiwi'])

Tip: you can lookup regular expressions in hereopen in new window